Satu hari satu malam Dia berjalan dia berhenti Dia bertanya kenapa dan mengapa Dengan jawapan Tapi Kerana Dia Cipta

Saturday, October 3, 2009

[ forgive and move on ]


kepala gatalgatal. entah kenapa. :( makin banyak kutu kot err ketombe? err kedua2nya? arghhh tidakkk! sokay not a big deal here. pada hari ini kawan2, sudah lama rasanya omelan2 tak seberapaku tidak diutarakan. memandangkan tonight kinda the very bored night i ever had dan ini hasilnya. ;) mahu baca, baca, tak mahu tutup mata. jangan banyak songeh! :)

yes, just came with this idea when i first read life is an open secret, you, me and we. di bawah tajuk forgive and move on. memaafkan dan terus ke hadapan! yea, betul!

that day, we (the whole family berkumpul di rumah nenek) and two of my hyperactive cousin, yes they are boys were trying to demonstrate their martial art. dalam erti kata lain, bermain yang sangatsangat ganas for me as an adorable girl! ahakxx ;p oke sambung, so, i told myself not to worry too much for them. boys being boys kan... what more can i expect them to play with rather than playing Barbie dolls like a sweet girl like me. again? finee~ hee! but unfortunately, that martial arts demonstration turns ugly. plus with both of them were in tears dengan pantas sekali from their chubby cute cheeks. ;) humm, moments like this i wish i could replay the CCTV for who-wrong-who-right section. haihhh, malangnya tidak boleh. then i got the idea by muahhx2 with lovely kisses for both of the warrior. then automatically they have made their apologize to each other and APOLOGY ACCEPTED! hehek! reminds me to this, when you realize you've made a mistake, ask for forgiveness immediately. its better to eat the crow when it is still warms. heehe. its true ryte what i am telling you guys ryte now.. ;D

subhanAllah, it was then realize me with something, they had just taught me with a wonderful lessons of life. how many of us are able to do that, after being hurt by someone else easily we can swiftly spring back to life, become friends again instead of our need to sulk, forget and built back what have been destroyed. and i also realize that after saying how sorry they were for hitting one another, they even bother to remember the memory, who started it and who was at fault. to them, apology is an apology and simply start anew! easily we can hit the reset button and all old memories are gone forever~ does it just amazing for such a little being with a big hearts full of kind! =)

do not look at the wrong actions of people as if you were lords. look to your wrong actions as if you were slaves... well, are we? can we forgive others when they ask for it? do we like when someone refuses to forgive us for the mistakes we did? and do we dare to live in this world and not to be forgiven by others for the mistakes we did? think about it with me kawan2...

every son of Adam makes mistakes, and the best of those who make mistakes are those who repent...

ever wondered how many people have we done wrong to? am i remember who they are one by one? and how many people have we forgive for their mistakes? humm... accept it, forgive and move on guys! trust me you'll be peacefully live in this challenging world... ;)

; saya farah azieka binti nasir memohon ampun atas segala kesilapan yang telah saya lakukan, mungkin tidak saya sedari tetapi anda sedar, mungkin tidak saya ingati tapi anda ingat atau mungkin tidak saya akui tapi kali ini iye saya akui... forgive me please... i am the one who wish for the Paradise like you everyone... (:

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