Satu hari satu malam Dia berjalan dia berhenti Dia bertanya kenapa dan mengapa Dengan jawapan Tapi Kerana Dia Cipta

Sunday, August 2, 2009

[Am I Stepping]


like i said i love my English class, very much! =) and for the first class we had, we are asked to make a simple poems about our self, anything as long as its a poems... woo~ like this activity so much! hee~ so... this is those words which has across my mind at that time... first english poem i ever had! huu...

If I could,

I just want a very free moment

For me, with the moon

To tell, to show

What am I really looking for right now…

As long as the lights on

I will keep moving, move far and far away

Just to reach that beautiful moment

If I could,

I just want to be the one

Who can create a wonderful smile to every one

Who can make peoples around dancing

Who can touch them with all my heart and my soul

Some days

I wish I could save my own self

I want to be where I am supposed to be right now

There is no more ways to hiding in

Sometimes happiness sometimes sadness came like a rolling stone

Even how stumble down I am

Neither you nor I know

If there is a tomorrow or not

I will keep moving my steps

For the journey which are waiting for me

For me to reach the moment

Which those have ever been the dream of mine…



fanie lychee said...

best giller poem u...
creative n sounds originally you..

Anonymous said...

nice one!congrates! =D

fAraHzIEka=] said...

to fanie lychee ;

thnx 4 sudi menyinggah fanie!


to razaey ;

hee~ alhamdulillah! tenkiu so much