Satu hari satu malam Dia berjalan dia berhenti Dia bertanya kenapa dan mengapa Dengan jawapan Tapi Kerana Dia Cipta

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

[ happy birthday bestie ]


11 november 2009, the day for a 'mengada-ngada'+an 'anak manja'+a 'sengal' lady+ a kanak-kanak bijak. and today she has grown up till 18, alhamdulillah... =)


i am grateful to have such a wonderful friend like you, honestly.

thanks for being there cheering up my whole long day.

may Allah bless you.

have a nice and precious birthday, its your day my dear!!!

and those memories will always in my mind without nothing left behind,
all those things masih segar, forever... ;)

ermm, present?... will be postpone... hahaha (:

sorry, i'm just found this. yanti with 'messy' me. errr.... huu~
i've just realized that we don't have much pictures together but we will do ryte... entah bila... haha

miss all my frenzies dearly... ;D