Satu hari satu malam Dia berjalan dia berhenti Dia bertanya kenapa dan mengapa Dengan jawapan Tapi Kerana Dia Cipta

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

[ You're The One And Only ]


post keempat untuk hari ini. that is why, I said saya suka menulis. when I am in the mood of writing I will do it as much as I can sampai lebam! ;p basically, this will be another love letter for him. dedicated to the special someone. :) jadinya, nak baca its okayy if not abaikan saja. tidak mengapa, nanti ada yang muntah pulak tak tahan. haha. kidding :)

as usual facebook will be so updated for anything especially birthday but since 3 days before facebook keep reminding me 'your anniversary with Izzul Islam Jaafar is on Wednesday'. yes, I remember that of course okay. by the way, thank you facebook though. :)

yes, it's the day. will be our 1st year anniversary. yang pertama and there's a long way to go, still! di celah-celah 'kesengsaraan' examination, it's our day. that is why rasanya macam tak lengkap if I'm not writing this so that untuk suatu hari yang akan datang I will have something which called as kenangan. ;p aww! rasa janggal pulak, mana lah biasa tulis tulis surat cinta ni. ^^v

I know him setahun yang dahulunya. days by days, months by months we will keep counting to this day. akhirnya, we reached it. from the first we know each other, he will be the one that will create muka yang tak manis ni menjadi semanis madu. ;p with his jokes with his teasers. haha! macam budak budak. but still sehingga hari ini, that is what will tied up the bond.

hey dear, semestinya thank you for everything. for the first year, we've been through so much situation altogether. yang manisnya, yang pahitnya. that is life, ada masa kita gembira ada masa kita bersedih, ada masa kita ketawa ada masa jugak kita menangis, ada masa juga kita diterima ada masa juga tidak, kan. but seems, tears being my best friends sejak azali lagi. ohh! biasa lah perempuan! wekk. hehe. and you, I know sometimes you're sick with it but still you will end up with the very high patient melayan kerenah gadis comel ini. uuu! so, how can I say in every second I could stop missing you? never and it will never empty with YOU in my mind.

there's so much problems have we been together. itu lah ini lah, haihh. somehow, dah terlalu banyak suka dukanya. there's too many wonderful moments I had with you Izzul. buat itu sama-sama buat ini sama-sama. see! in only a year, you have made my day so much and please do the same for the years ahead. how could I say I don't need you at all? ohh no no no. I am really need you besides my lovely mum, my lovely abah and also dearest sister. you guys are the most valuable and wonderful person I need untuk setiap hari yang saya ada.

wahai encik tukang kebun (*this will came out when he call me Bunga, and I love it of course!), baru tadi bersembang-sembang on the phone saying good night like we're both usually do and now I am missing you, ALREADY! so how? ;p I have faith in our relationship. and I hope it will never end, insyaAllah. we will never know what will happen to the days ahead, only Allah knows. but sure deeply in my heart I have the faith. we will be there as we wish. make doa sama-sama. walau begitu dan begini yang lain kata, we'll try my best kan untuk lalu semuanya dengan sabarnya insyaAllah. keep on fighting! I know you're super strong enough!

so I am pretty sure to said that you're my other half that I need the most, yes you really are. we will create lebih banyak wonderful journey in future. starting from this beautiful day, I am sure we'll crazier enough to get through the journey and rockin' to the best world for us! yeahh! :D

good luck in your final examination tomorrow dan seterusnya. all the best sweetheart! study and garduate, then we'll go to 'Jom Kahwin' session after that like what we usually asked each other for many times. HAHA! ;p

April 20th, 2011. Happy Fisrt Year Anniversary Izzul ;)

"...Di kala penuh ketakutan dengan badai kehidupan

Ku bersyukur adanya kamu

Biarlah kehilangan semua yang dimiliki di dunia

Asal masih adanya kamu..."

Farah Azieka Nasir

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